This Code of Ethics, outlines the basic principles and provides a guide for all professionals of Qestudi in professional performance and relation to their daily work, used resources and the business environment in which it develops.


 This Code of Ethics is available to all the professionals who are part of the company Qestudi, as well as complementary channels of communication and resolution of doubts.

Qestudi Directorate also provides all the means at its disposal to fulfill the standards contained in this Code of Ethics.


 Regarding the Legality

 Qestudi and all professionals agree to comply with applicable law in all its activities, and to develop their work with ethical behavior and performance.           

Qestudi must attend all requested collaboration by oversight authorities and specifically addressed requests, never to adopt any behavior that may impede the exercise of supervision by the authorities.

The professionals of the company will avoid any conduct that, even without violating any law, can damage the reputation of Qestudi to society, the country's government or any agency.

No professional assigned to the company will knowingly collaborate with third parties in violation of any law, or engage in any action compromising the law.

Respect for people

Qestudi rejects any form of physical, psychological or moral abuse of authority, or any other conduct that may generate a pressing environment to the rights of the people.

Qestudi professionals have an obligation to deal fairly and respectfully to subordinates, peers and superiors. In the same way the relationships between professionals Qestudi and the companies or external partners will be based on professional respect and mutual collaboration.

Professional development and equal opportunities

Qestudi promotes the professional and personal development of its staff, ensuring equal opportunities through its policies.

We do not accept any type of discrimination in employment or occupation on any basis of sex, religion, political opinion, national extraction, social origin, disability, or any other reason not specified.

The company professionals should participate actively in training plans offered by Qestudi, getting involved in their own development and committing to keep the required knowledge and skills to foster their professional growth and add value to customers, business partners and society in general.

Firm associates must act facilitating the development of its professionals, so as to promote professional development within the business.

Integrity and ethical values

Qestudi and its professionals develop their roles with high standards of integrity, honesty and transparency, acting with integrity in all its acts or transactions with customers, governments and authorities.

Partners and business professionals undertake to act correctly and honorably, aiming for a high level of self requirement which we aspire to achieve in all aspects.

We adopt the parameters of the code of ethics established by the Project Management Institute. This Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct describes the expectations we place on ourselves and our fellow professionals in the global community of project management, construction and technical services. It clearly enunciates the ideals to which we aspire as well as the behaviors that are mandatory in our performance as professionals and volunteers.

The purpose of this Code is to instill confidence in the field of our profession, helping people to become better professionals. To do this, we set the framework for understanding appropriate behaviors in the profession. We believe that the credibility and reputation of the project and works management as a profession are built on the basis of the collective behavior of each professional.

We believe we can enhance our profession, both individually and collectively, through the adoption of this Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. We also propose that this Code will help us make wise decisions, particularly when faced with difficult situations in which you may be asked to compromise our integrity or our values.

Our professionals are asked to identify the values that formed the basis for their decision making and guided their actions. Values: responsibility, respect, fairness and honesty.

Prohibition of corruption and bribery practices

Qestudi is opposed to influence the will of people outside the company to turn a profit by using unethical practices. Nor will allow other people or entities to perform these practices with professionals.

Qestudi professionals may not directly or indirectly accept gifts or compensation of any kind which are intended to improperly influence in trade or administrative tasks with clients or public entities.

Also no business professional will directly or indirectly make payments, gifts or compensation of any kind not considered as normal course of business, to treat improperly in any trade, professional or administrative task.

Respect the Environment

Qestudi is committed to promote and encourage through continuous improvement the protection and conservation of the environment involving its employees and the rest of society.

Qestudi is committed to integrate environmental sustainability processes and to enhance the impact of professional development on the environment by establishing measurable goals and objectives in the daily exercise and projects in which it takes part, minimizing any environmental impact it could generate in its performance.